Getting Started Selling on Etsy

First Things First; How to Pick Your Etsy Name
Choosing your etsy name can be more imporant than you think. Once you pick one, you're stuck with it. Here's several tips that I wish I had thought of when choosing a name.

How to Create Your Etsy Website Banner
Creating your banner can be a real pain. Here's some tips to make it easy, including reviews of free graphic design software and example banners made with the software.

Free Graphic Design Editing Software
I was surprised at the high quality of some of the free software out there. These's are especially good for working on your avatar or banners.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for My First Sale?
The time between listing your first item and making your first sale can be agonizing. Based on the experiences of about 100 etsy sellers, here's a quick summary of how long you may be waiting.

How Long Does it Take to Get Established?
Your first sale is so exciting, but it's equally fun to have regular sales. When can you expect this to happen?

Top Ten Ways to Sell More
Ten simple things you can do to sell more items.