Tips for Selling Your Crafts

What is the Best Time to List My Items?
Listing times are important on etsy, since most of your views will come in the time immediately after you post your item. In an intensive, ongoing study, many etsy folks are helping to compile when the most buyers and sellers are on etsy.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for My First Sale?
The time between listing your first item and making your first sale can be agonizing. Based on the experiences of about 100 etsy sellers, here's a quick summary of how long you may be waiting.

How Long Does it Take to Get Established?
Your first sale is so exciting, but it's equally fun to have regular sales. When can you expect this to happen?

Top Ten Ways to Sell More
Ten simple things you can do to sell more items.

Four Ways to Promote Your Site in the Real World
There's plenty of places online to promote your site, but here are some fun, effective ways "offline" to bring more buyers to your store.

How Can I Take Better Photographs?
Great photos are essential to draw in buyers. Learn five simple tips to take great, easy photos, including a link to some very good free photo editing software.