Scrabble Tiles

One of the best free scrabble tile tutorials is by HomeStudio on the Make and Takes Website.

Or when you're ready to learn all the various tips and tricks from a pro, I love littleputbook's tutorial she sells on etsy.

Glass Tile Tutorials

I haven't found a glass tile tutorial online that's free and perfect, but here's a couple of basic ones from ehow:

Glass tile tutorial one
Glass tile tutorial two

And I love all the kits by Annie Howes. They're perfect for me because in addition to a great tutorial, she also includes everything you need to make your project (tiles, bails, glue, etc.).

Resin Pendants

I'm a fan of the tutorial by urbanbead for sale on etsy.

John W. Golden also has several free videos on youtube that are thorough and well made.


Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film
Print out an image and transfer it to tiles, stone, glass. I've used this on coasters and it's easy and works very well. (And no further sealing necessary!) Could also make really great jewelry.

A couple of basic options from Scrap Jazz.

A 5-minute video of how to work with transfer paper to make really nice marble coasters from How Stuff Works.

Inkjet Printing on Fabric
Love how cheap this option is. Uses wax/parchment paper .

Also see Avery's t-shirt transfer paper for inkjet printers.

Glue and Glaze

Not so much a tutorial, but still pretty helpful. A comparison of all kinds of glues and their uses from Fire Mountain Gems.

Transfering Images to Clay

I have three lovely piddix customers who sell tutorials on etsy. Luckily, all three tutorials are great but also different.

SCDiva's focuses on transferring images using plain, 20 lb. bond paper. A great way to start working with clay and image transfers that looks amazing, too.

Analiese's is good if you want to create professional, commercial products since she includes her secret paper source.

And I like The Charm Lady's tutorial since she has the most amazing, step-by-step photos.

Buttons/Badges and Pocket Mirrors

For the most part, to make buttons and round pocket mirrors you'll need a button maker. I don't know enough about them to recommend one over the other, but most do have tutorials that should you how to use their own machines, like this one from Button Makers.


A glittery Christmas ornament from Or So She Says.

Shrink Dinks

Very cute shrink dink ring tutorial from Planet June.

And shrink dink inkjet paper from Grafix

I haven't found a crystal clear option for making shrink dinks yet. Let me know if you know of any.

Crafty Sites

Rings and Things "Designer Tip Sheets." Includes gluing tips for metal findings and working with image transfer solution epoxy resin.

Craftster. Amazing place for inspiration, tutorials, and a crafty community.

The Bead Monkey has a ton of downloadable jewelry pdfs including one for glass tile pendants, one on bottle caps, and another for resin.

An amazing article on squidoo includes links to dozens of different ways to transfer images onto other surfaces including clay, paper, and fabric.

Instructables. I'm especially found of their craft section and online selections from their "best of" book.

Avery has all kinds of templates and products for printing on fabric, magnets, etc.

Stampington's videos are extra helpful, including image transfers onto candles and Simple Soldered Pendants.